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The following is a collection of various social networks in which I am active. I tend to cross-post between them so you should be able to easily follow from the network of your choice.
## the Fediverse
The fediverse is a collection of social networks which can communicate with each other. The most common protocol utilized is a standard known as [ActivityPub] which is used by platforms such as [Mastodon], [Lemmy], [PeerTube], [Pixelfed], and now [Threads]. I currently self-host using a platform called [Friendica] which natively supports the ActivityPub protocol in addition to it's own and [diaspora*].
## the AT Protocol
The [AT Protocol] (Authenticated Transfer) is a new social networking protocol designed for large scale distributed social applications. There is currently only one implementation available called [Bluesky]. It is expected that as it matures more implementations will become available and interoperate.
## Pnut
[Pnut] is a social network inspired by the [] social network that operated from 2012 to 2017. It's an API-first platform where the service is kept lean and developers are encouraged to develop front-ends and other creative applications. Primarily uses include micro-blogging, messaging, and a weekly communal music event called [Monday Night Dance Party].
[AT Protocol]:
[Monday Night Dance Party]: