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title = 'codeberg'
url = 'https://codeberg.org/spacenerdmo?tab=activity'
icon = 'fa-regular fa-hashtag'
title = 'Friendica'
url = 'https://social.clacks.network/profile/spacenerdmo'
icon = 'fa-regular fa-comment-dots'
title = 'pnut.io'
url = 'https://pnut.io/@spacenerdmo'
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title = 'rss'

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title: Social
I'm not very active on social media these days but I do post on occasion. Here is where you may find my shouts into the void. If you want to throw something my way, the [contact](/contact) page is how you can reach me.
Taking a break from social media but here is a picture of my cat.
## Friendica (also supports diaspora*, ActivityPub, and OStatus)
![Fluffy sealpoint cat sleeping on his back with back legs apart and from paws pulled in.](/img/IMG_1753.jpeg "Sleeping Cat")
## Bluesky (the AT Protocol)
## Pnut

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