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The Matrix <--> Pnut bridge

This is a channel bridge for Matrix using the Application Services (AS) API.

This bridge will pass channel messages through to Matrix, and Matrix messages through to channels.


The public bridge is once again online!

See Using-the-public-bridge for details.


Currently pnut-matrix has been only tested with and confirmed to work with synapse. Please refer to the synapse installation instructions for details on how to setup your homeserver.

To install the latest version of pnut-matrix from source:

git clone
cd pnut-matrix
python3 -m venv env
source env/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Copy config.yaml-sample to config.yaml and edit for your setup. Likewise copy appservice.yaml-sample to appservice.yaml and edit to match the tokens, prefix, and port listed in config.yaml. This is the configuration that synapse will need to reference so that it can connect the bridge. Make sure you modify your syanpse configuration accordingly.


There exists a bug in synapse which prevents the bridge user from accepting DM invites from users on other homeservers. To work around the issue you can create a profile for the bot user.1

curl --data '{"type": "m.login.application_service", "username": "your_sender_localpart"}' 'http://yourhomeserver/_matrix/client/r0/register?access_token=your_as_token'

Contributing and support

You can open issues for bugs or feature requests and you can submit merge requests to this project on GitLab. You can also submit issues and patches directly to

Join my public chat room for development discussion.